Corporate Governance Report


I. Organizational structure

(I) Organizational structure of JihSun Securities (date: 31 December 2016)

(II) Responsibilities of main divisions


1. Shareholders hold the ultimate authority of the Company; positions including the Board of Directors, Chairman, and President were established beneath in descending order of authority.


2. Audit Division and Risk Management Division were established under the Board of Directors. They are responsible for carrying out audit and risk management tasks within the Company, and report regularly to the Board of Directors.


3 .The Company has one President and several Vice Presidents to assist in the President’s managerial affairs. If the President is unable to perform duties, the Chairman may appoint one of the Vice Presidents to act on behalf.


4.The following units have been established under the Head Office, to which the President supervises and administrates: President’s Office, Capital Market Division, Brokerage Division, Derivatives Division, Proprietary Trading Division, Fixed Income Division, IT Division, Financial Planning Division, Administration Division, Settlement Division, E-Commerce Division, Legal Affairs Division, Overseas Securities Unit.

The responsibilities of each unit are listed as below: