Employee size, average years of service, average age, academic background, professional qualification, and training in the last 2 years up till the publication date of this annual report

Note: The Bank needs to fill out the data of the current year as of the publishing date of the annual report.

1. Human resource development is the Company’s long-term goal. We have established training policies along with other supplementary measures to provide opportunities for our employees to learn and grow; this training system has enabled the Company's future growth and accommodates employees' career development.

2. In compliance with regulations and the authority, the company actively assigns employees to participate in various professional training and fully subsidizes all training expenses.

3. The company has created a digital learning and online examination platform (“JihSun College” learning network) to provide employees with broader varieties of learning channels apart from internal and external classroom trainings. The network combines the Company’s KM platform and offers more than 300 courses online, giving employees the opportunity to self-study without the restrictions of time or space.